How To Find What You Want On The Internet

Searching the internet for information can be a frustrating business, that is not because there is a dearth of information. Quite the opposite, it can be really frustrating because there is too much information. The chances are high that if you enter any word or phrase into an internet search engine you will be hit by a ton of irrelevant information.

How do you filter what you have in order to have what you want? That’s the question this article aims to answer. Searching the internet for information is an art, this implies that it can be perfected and improved upon. Here are a few tips that can help you in the journey of finding what you want on the internet:

Know Which Search Engine To Use For What

It is important that you know which search engine is relevant to what you want to do and to use the right one. If you are looking at obtaining general information, Google will come in handy. The search engine giant will return the most search results since it is linked with more website. If you are shopping however, the Yahoo! Or Amazon search engine is your best bet. Diversifying search engines based on their use in this form is highly beneficial.

Use Specific Keywords

There are a lot of irrelevant information on the internet, one of the ways to rid yourself of these jargons is by using keywords. Specific keywords will help you to focus your search and tailor it in the direction you intend to go. Keywords can include location or a specific detail related to your search.

Search Specific Site


This is usually a good option if you have a website in mind where you think that the information you need may have been published. All you need to do is type in the topic and add the website address to it. This option will work best if you are seeking an informed position from a specific website.

Strip It Down

You must understand that search engines operate with minimum input from humans. They are mostly garbage in, garbage out systems so you must ensure that you are searching for what you want to see actually. Remove words that are not essential to what you are searching for and you will find out that the result box is closer to what you intend to see. It is that simple.


If you are working around documents, you might not have the luxury of being choosy. Majority of these documents will however contain jargon to a degree or the other. You can filter it out by using a summary maker to help you summarize a document at a particular time. That way, you can run through a lot of essays without wasting time. Using essay summary will help you not to fall into the man hole of information overload. With essay summarizer,

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